iWatch Communications

iWATCH Communications began operating in 2004, filling a niche for a UL central station in the Northwest that provides a custom experience to alarm dealers. We have grown over the years and we now provide alarm monitoring services to thousands of accounts across the U.S., while providing dispatching services for multiple companies. Providing 24/7 service is not a simple task, but iWatch is committed to providing dealers and their clients with advanced technologies and a professional staff. We exceed expectations by providing a live answering service, dispatching, alarm monitoring, video monitoring, 2-way audio, and other various life safety services.

iWatch_Home-Quote-1-300x152iWatch Communications is UL approved and Five Diamond certified by CSAA, proving our commitment to a higher level of service and a continual effort to reach higher standards. It is our mission to provide dealers with peace of mind, and we do this by ensuring a quick and accurate response on all alarms, as well as sustaining a redundancy-rich monitoring center. We provide monitoring to homes, businesses, government facilities, school districts, and more!

Our Monitoring Center Features:

  • UPS Which Provides 5+ Hours Of Immediate Back-Up
  • Two Back-Up Generators With Enough Fuel To Last 14+ Days
  • Phone/Internet Redundancy: Dual Fiber Optic Pathways In Separate Conduits, From Separate Sub-Stations Into Our Building
  • RF Wireless Internet Redundancy
  • Internal VOIP-Based Telephone System With Back-Up Servers
  • Sur-Gard System III Receivers For Both Phone And IP Monitoring
  • AES Radio Network
  • Honeywell Alarmnet
  • Bold Software Including Remote Login For Dealers And Large Clients

iWatch_Home-Quote-2-300x155At iWatch Communications, our operators are selected based on stringent hiring standards, including educational requirements and a personality test to ensure they are the right fit for the position. Once a part of the team, each operator completes our required 240 hours of training regardless of previous experience. Our training regimen promotes consistency and professional standards amongst our operators. Our operators are DPSST state licensed, and each of them hold either a Level 1 or Level 2 CSAA certificate. We prepare and train our operators to respond to alarms quickly, accurately, and efficiently. We do all of this for one reason: because lives depend on it.


Now 5 Diamond Certified


Providing the most responsive and reliable monitoring service


Quick response to all alarm notifications


Instant and live two-way video and audio


Providing professional after-hours answering services to your customers.