Video Monitoring / Virtual Guard Tours

False alarms can get expensive quickly, which is why we recommend video verification monitoring to our dealers. This service allows our operators to review live video surveillance so we can ‘see’ what is happening in real time when an alarm occurs, cutting down on false alarms or raising the response priority if response is needed by local police. We also offer a daily video health check to ensure that the video feed and cameras are functioning properly. With many police jurisdictions now requiring verification prior to dispatch, there is good reason to work with a central station that excels in this area.

Pro-active virtual guard tours are a great alternative to a physical presence, a service where our operators remotely login and view each and every camera 1, 2, or even 3 times each night. During these tours we are looking for any unwanted activity, and if we do find unwanted activity, we are able to get a description of the trespasser and are able to notify authorities while also providing a description. With the addition of 1-way or 2-way audio, we can communicate audibly from our monitoring center to notify trespassers they must leave the premises immediately, BEFORE damage or vandalism occurs. These are cost-effective services to replace a typical night time patrol service with 24×7 protection and after-hours audio/video surveillance.

Video Verification Provides:

  • After Hours Viewing For Business Owners
  • Strategically Placed Cameras And Live Video Provide Visual Security 24/7
  • Our Operators Are Able To Asses Emergency Situations And Better Inform Emergency Responders Of The Situation