Mobile Information Reporting System (MIRS) is a mobile reporting system built for private security providers, Police Departments, and Campus Security departments who want to utilize practical technology to increase competitive advantages and separate themselves from the competition. MIRS does this through providing the officer on a location with the most up-to-date and accurate account information available, while providing the client with peace of mind through true accountability of quality reporting and GPS verification.

MIRS is unique for many reasons, but to list a few….

Information Is Secure

Alarm Passcodes, Client Contact Information, and other sensitive information is encrypted and passcode protected with an automatic 30 second timeout feature. Additionally, each Officer (or district) only has access to the accounts in their Beat (unless issued by Dispatch), further protecting your Client’s very sensitive information.

Better Reports, And More Of Them

Does your management staff have an accurate insight to the quality of service your Officers are providing, day after day? With the MIRS Administration Reports, you’ll be able to generate over 15 different reports that give you specific metrics and statistics into your Patrol & Alarm Response performance.

The Activity by Shift Report is produced for every officer, for every shift, every day, and is available at the press of a button to your staff only. MIRS displays all the Officer’s activity for the entire shift into one report; including on and off duty times, all reports and pictures generated by the officer, the patrols and Responses that were completed with the individual time stamp and GPS maps, as well as the “Patrol Percentage” of completed activities for that officer on that shift. Compiling your employee evaluations is now painless!

Other Reports Include:

Average Response Times – Shows the average response time within the specified date and time ranges.
District Statistics by Day – Exports to a CSV file the statistics for every district, per day, for one month (or up to 31 days) from a specific date.
District Revenue – Shows services revenue for districts for given date.
Billing – After choosing a date range, this report allows you to download a CSV file which contains all billable actions that occurred within that time frame – making billing quick and easy.

Offer More Options To Your Clients, As Well As Their Own Client Portal

MIRS gives your clients the information they need, the way they need it! If they prefer traditional emailed reports, they can be sent twice a day, automatically. Are they sick of emails? Easy! Turn off the emails and they can log in to their Portal to view or download any report associated to their account, even if they have multiple locations. Do they want the best of both worlds? No problem! Easily set MIRS to automatically email Response Reports, while Action and Incident Reports are always available to view or download in their portal; 24/7, from anywhere in the world. Of course, pictures are always imbedded into each report, not attached separately to the email. Do you have multiple Client contacts who have different email preferences? We can help with that too!

You’ll also be able to offer your Client options, and if you choose, increase your recurring revenue for each additional service! With the ability to control which Clients can view GPS maps of the officer’s activity on their property, you’ll provide complete transparency to your clients. Long gone are the days of hand written drop notices and in-effective geofencing. With MIRS GPS and the “Verify” button in the Client Portal, you’ll stand out from the other service providers!

Officer Accountability

Lunches, Breaks, Fuel Stops, and Travel Time are all individually time stamped and tracked by GPS, for every officer, on every shift. This assists you with staying compliant with labor laws, as well as ensuring that your Officers are where they were supposed to be, when they were supposed to be there. With MIRS, you’ll have complete visibility into the actions of your Officer. This means no more long lunches and trips to the grocery store, because it’s all tracked!

Dispatch Service For Your Officers In The Field

Our Dispatch and Monitoring center, iWatch Communications, can generate Alarm/Emergency Responses, and send them instantly to Officers in the field via their tablet. This instant alert appears on the Officer’s screen, providing them with pertinent alarm information without the use of a radio or phone… allowing the Officer to go enroute faster and decreasing your Alarm Response time. Through MIRS, Dispatch can view officer status in real time, allowing them to quickly identify who is on duty and available to take alarm calls. Dispatch can also generate “Non-billable” activities such as picking up equipment, taking a vehicle to the shop, or other non-client related tasks; allowing you to truly track every move your Officers make in the field.


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